So let’s take a closer look at each one and see if it’s worth picking or not. If you equip according your play-style, tank-shield is perfectly viable for PVE. Astora's Straightsword and the dragoncrest shield are the two most op items to nab at the start of the game, regardless of class. **Nothing:** Start without any … Selecting a good starting class can make Dark Souls much easier. Thief: Master Key, bandit knife, can choose extra gift, great choice for speedruns/dex fa gs. This further affects the character, customizing it according to the selected options. EDIT: Oh, and about the gift, in DaS2 there is no must have gift. So 3000 souls, plus a badass sword and shield. Oh, and its worth an additional 2000 souls if you nab the soul item as well. In this guide, we evaluate the attributes of each Class and Burial Gift to pick the best character for each player. Bandit: Best starting class for vitality/strength builds, strongest starter weapon. For the class of items in Dark Souls III, see Burial Gifts. 4. 5. Just like in Dark Souls 1, you can start your adventure with a free gift. Nearly every class in Dark Souls is … Experienced players will already know the main advantages and disadvantages of each class and burial item, but new players may have difficulty figuring out what’s best to start with on their long journey through Dark Souls 3. 3 .Deprived: He's got a good spread. Dark Souls 3 has players select a Class and Burial Gift before beginning the game. Each gift, generally, has a specific purpose and some are definitely better than others when it comes to benefits offered. – Ravekner Dec 10 '13 at 18:51 Starting Gifts are a variety of items in Dark Souls II which the player chooses from during character creation. If you want to farm the tutorial are for approx 50k souls to start right of with, take the bonfire ascetic, but in general, all items that you can get as a gift are also available in the game a plenty. 2. Warrior: excellent starting equipment, great stats for melee builds as he can equip almost anything early on. If you’ve played Dark Souls before, the best gift is generally the Master Key. 1. These are: Selecting the best gift in Dark Souls Remastered relies a lot on whether or not you’re an experienced Dark Souls player. Dark Souls Remastered: Every Starting Class, Ranked. For the class of items in Dark Souls, see Starting Gifts. Dark Souls gifts - Why the Master Key is the best starting gift to choose As well as the choice of a class, you can pick one of many gifts to help you on your adventure. (I wonder if anyone will get that reference?) Honestly, if you are greatshielding, almost all of the bosses can't even touch you unless you let your guard down attacking. The starting gift can be a fantastic way to start Dark Souls off on the right foot. I'm rather new to Dark Souls and was wandering… Not if you use an actual greatshield. This guide covers the best classes and burial gifts to select when you first start Dark Souls 3. The only thing that could get through is elemental damage.